5 things you should know before getting a perm

Perms are back baby and they are better than ever. In the salon as a stylist I hear stories all the time about childhood perm stories. Perms have come a long way and are now usually done more to keep up with the ever so popular curly hair trend. Most of my personal clients that come in the salon are looking for either a beach wave perm or very uniform spiral curls. Gone are the days of the “poodle” perm. Before you go get that perm though I think it’s best that we go over 5 things that you should know before getting a perm. So here we go :
1. It is “permanent”. The permed hair (and only the permed hair) will be curly indefinitely. Perms are a structural change to the hair shaft and therefore will remain in the shape given. However, a perm will begin to relax resulting in looser curls in about a 3 to 6 month timespan. Your hairs new growth will grow in your natural texture so it is recommended to re-perm every 6 months(if applicable).
2. The infamous “rotten eggs” smell is not a myth. Your hair will absolutely have the faintest odor for the 2 day span before you are able to wash your hair again. You should not wash your hair for the first 48-72 hours after a perm, yes you can wet it, but no products as this can affect the ph of the hair and cause the perm to lose it’s strength.
3. Perms will act just like naturally curly hair/ wavy hair once in it’s permed state. So yes that means if you are brand new to curly hair you might want to study up on how to take care of it. You will need a good leave-in conditioner, a nice sulfate-free shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner.
4. It will weaken your hair over time. Perms are a chemical service, and just like any chemical services perms have the ability to cause slight or major damage to your hair. You should always consult a professional stylist and let them know your full hair history before proceeding with a perm. Olaplex treatments and moisturizing treatments will help but it is ultimately up to you to make sure to properly maintain your hair once permed.
5. It is a commitment. It is NOT a lazy hack. Curly hair is a lot of maintenance and can be dryer and harder to maintain than straight hair. Will your hair look like a poodle? No but if you don’t properly moisturize and style it then yes. Make sure before you leave the salon you have a good understanding of how to style curly hair.
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