Permanent Makeup: Wake Up Without Having to Make up!

Permanent Makeup: Wake Up Without Having to Make up!

Permanent Makeup is a type of cosmetic tattooing for brows and lips. Although it is called permanent, it is really considered semi-permanent since it does fade over time due to aging skin, exposure to sun, skin care products used, and other lifestyle choices. If you are tired of constantly having to draw on your brows, spending too much time on make- up in the morning, or worrying about makeup rubbing off throughout the day, Permanent Makeup is your answer!

Here at NY Hair Company, we offer 4 types of Permanent Makeup; Microblading, Powder Brows, Combo Brows, and Lip Blushing. All services are meant to enhance your natural beauty, as well as save time and money on makeup products. Two types of numbing creams are used for all services, so pain is minimal to none.

Microblading is done with a hand tool and small blade to create hair like strokes for your brows. It is best suited for individuals who have dry skin. Oily skin types do not retain this style of brow for as long of a time.

Powder Brows are done with a tattoo machine and create a powder/ shaded look to your brows. The tattoo machine creates a pixelated look, which results in the powder effect. This type of service is suitable for all skin types.

Combo Brows are a combination of microblading and powder brows; done with a micro blade and tattoo machine. Suitable for all skin types.

Lip Blushing is cosmetic tattooing of the lips. It helps create definition and fullness to your pout. Lip blush heals to 30% lighter than the initial color, which creates a soft “just ate a popsicle” look. 

Not all services are suitable for everyone. Permanent Makeup cannot be done on pregnant or nursing women. Your permanent makeup artist will discuss which option is best for you while taking into consideration your skin type, current makeup routine, current brow or lip look, and what your goal look is. Call today to schedule a consultation!