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The Biggest Compliment you can leave your Stylist is by leaving a review. Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback on your service, we so much appreciate it! Heart The NY Hair Girls

NY HAIR Company saved the day! I have been putting off getting my hair done for 6 months due to COVID concerns, but I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I was SO relieved to find a salon with good reviews and someone that could specialize in curly hair.

I appreciated that the stylist took the time to consult with me, looking at pictures of what I wanted, discussing my current colors and the desired look I was going for, and was very transparent about pricing, giving me a quote before we even started. So many salons SURPRISE you at the end with extras they added but the stylist was super upfront and I was charged what I expected!

She was communicative, friendly, and the process went super smoothly. She did WONDERS for my cut too, giving me much needed long layers. I was blown away by the end result!! In less than 3 hours, I went from looking like cousin IT to a FAB new ‘do!!

I would definitely be back and would absolutely recommend NY HAIR Company!!

Cassandra C.
Chicago, IL

NY HAIR COMPANY is AMAZING and the BEST IN LAS VEGAS. Seriously, I came in with a hair crisis and my stylist got me. I have now had extensions by the stylists twice and love them more the second time – which is hard to believe because I loved them the first time. I don’t want to show a before and after because I really hate the before. My hair was so, well just not like this!

I am not one to sacrifice quality for low prices. I would have paid her whatever she asked after seeing her work, but seriously extensions here cost me less than half what i paid in Florida. And they are GORGEOUS.

They also does my color – because my real hair is gray/whatever color I used to be – and it really is beautiful. More beautiful with the extensions obviously.

Amanda P.
West Hollywood, CA

I found this salon on google and it had good reviews so I decided to come check it out & they did an amazing job on my hair!! One of the best haircuts I’ve ever had!

Camille G.
Miami Beach, FL

My friend referred me this salon because she has been coming here for years. The stylists here are definitely amazing, patient and so caring. My hair is not dry at all after all the bleaching and coloring, I really love the result. Highly recommended to everyone! Best Hair Salon in Vegas!

Ami C.
Las Vegas, NV

Thank you NY HAIR COMPANY for the beautiful hair color. They really did a great job on my hair. It’s been a month since I got it. All of the staffs are friendly and the salon is clean. I would definitely be back and I really recommend this salon. From black hair to a beautiful lighter color. Thank you

Maribel A.
Las Vegas, NV

NY HAIR COMPANY is AWESOME!!! A little background: Me and my husband travel A LOT, and my girl moved away last year, so with every city we visit I always try to get a haircut. I’m the type of girl who always does her research, I think that’s thanks to my brother. NY hair company was no different, I did my research first. I looked at all the pictures, made sure it wasn’t a 30min drive from the hotel, always reading the highest rated, lowest rated, and newest first reviews.
My stylist was was super sweet and nice. She gave me pointers on which shampoos to stay very far away from and taught me about texturing. She was just the best! Where to get more affordable shampoos, and really who doesn’t want to save money? She talked to me about a gloss treatment, which I turned down cause I didn’t have time that day. But next time I’m back in Vegas, this is the place to get my haircut for sure! Yes, I would travel 5 states over just to get a haircut, especially one that’s this good. I asked for long layers and she delivered those layers, AND gave me a little bit more with the texturing, AND pointers how to deal with my kind of hair. I have thick, super dry scalp and hair. I love my haircut!
Thank you so much for giving me exactly what I wanted and even more. Your team and staff are simply the best!!…

Annie Y.
Lexington, KY

Million times NY HAIR Company!!!!!
I am so grateful that I have found this unbelievable place, they can do magic with my hair.
I literally drive from LA to Las Vegas just to get my roots and extensions done. This is no joke!

Thank you very much for your professionalism and great vibes. So grateful!

Raya F.
Los Angeles, CA

Overall I got what I wanted from this place which was a nice hairdo I just don’t believe that they had enough hairspray or the correct consistency of hairspray to hold my very healthy take German hair 2 to 3 hours after I had it done it slowly started to fall out and that was the about the extent of my entire upscale the price was decent so I would have to say I did get what I paid for. Bring your own hairspray!

Susan C.
Cincinnati, OH

I had a really great experience at NY Hair Company. I chopped off a lot of hair, and throughout the whole process, my stylist was very communicative and asked a lot of questions to make sure she gave me the cut I had in mind. Very professional and talented hairstylist!

The salon itself was nice and clean and cool (even though it was 109 outside today).

Sunny W.
Las Vegas, NV

I came across to this Hair Salon to get some inspiration Multilayers haircut. Text through Yelp was easy than calling for me because I am always on the move in Vegas, my stylist was very attentive and asked a lot of questions in every step on my hair cut. After I showed her the way face layers and v shape in the back. Thank you NY HAIR Company you delivered and it was outstanding! Love my new look.

Feravaganza D.
Hawthorne, CA

Surprise my daughter with a new hairstyle and highlights. She had gone to NY Hair Company 3 years ago and she got her hair cut, styled, and dyed a beautiful pink. She was so happy that, of course, she wanted to go back when she was ready to for a different style. Unfortunately, I don’t remember her stylist’s name but she was really good. We will probably be coming back as soon as prom season starts

Shirlee G.
Las Vegas, NV

NY Hair Company is so great. I had my haircut in another place. It was a mess. I was super upset. So I went on yelp looking for hairstylist and found NY Hair company. I texted at 5am. The owner responded me in the morning within two hours. And I got my appointment. She was so nice and talked me through the haircut. She fixed my hair and it looks great.I will recommend this place to all my gfs. Because you can trust them. Will come back again.

Sarah L.
Las Vegas, NV

This salon is amazing!!

Backstory: I’m mixed so my hair is thick, but also fine. I’ve been to several other places, and I have been told that they don’t work with my hair texture. It has been the most frustrating situation!!

My friend invited me to Vegas, and my hair was a mess!! I looked online and on yelp,and saw the high ratings this salon had. I sent a message hoping that they could squeeze me in. The next morning, I received a message from the owner that they could!!

I arrived at the salon and was immediately greeted by everyone in the salon and offered something to drink. http://nyhaircompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/60s-20-1.jpg, the owner Nikki is so kind, fun, and knowledgeable!! This was the first time that I was changing my hair color, and she walked me through the process. Everyone in the salon worked as a team, and made the experience really enjoyable and fun!! Not only did the color come out fabulous, http://nyhaircompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/60s-20-1.jpg was able to trim my hair to remove the dead ends without losing any length! She also used and recommended products that would allow me to keep my hair healthy and fabulous! My hair has never looked better!! I highly recommend this salon!! I don’t live in Vegas, but I do visit often. Every time I’m in Vegas I will definitely schedule an appointment here!!

Trust me. Best. Salon. Ever.

Tabitha M.
Spring, TX

NY HAIR COMPANY is where you want to go! My stylist,not only did she listen to what I wanted, she recommended a hair treatment that left my hair like silk! She has great attention to detail. This place is a hidden gem, so don’t be fooled by the exterior. The parking lot was pretty crowded and the shop doesn’t look like a 5* walking in but you will feel like a 5 star walking out!

K W.
Wasilla, AK

My hair is naturally curly, I come from NY where it’s easy to find someone to do your hair but in LV I have had my share of disappointments. With that said it’s been really hard to find a hairstylist who can understand curly hair and not be scared of it. I found this salon through yelp reviews and read amazing reviews. I finally decided to go after my hair stylist had an accident and I haven’t gone back in 2 months and each time they surprise me on how well they do it. It doesn’t take long and what ever I have asked for they delivered, very happy and excited to find NY Hair Company.

Velie S.
Las Vegas, NV

As a native New Yorker, the name held some appeal and I wasn’t disappointed! Everyone at the salon was very friendly. A beverage was offered as soon as I can in the door which was excellent in this heat!

I had Victoria and she is amazing! Super friendly, and listened to my concerns and what I was looking for. She didn’t press anything on me, product or treatment. She suggested what was best for my hair and I like that she considered it’s color, texture, and my future hair goals. I have wavy/curly hair but it is fine so it doesn’t lay like like thicker curly hair.

I am about 50% gray and we decided to do a full color because my ends were a lot lighter than my natural darkest brown. I mentioned Olaplex and she offered the gloss instead. Picture wouldn’t do it justice; my hair came out so shiny and healthy!

I already booked my retouch. 🙂

As I left, they all said goodbye to me which felt really good!

Amy R.
Depew, NY

This is my 2nd time my husband and I come to the salon. Nikki was the one who did our hair. I got a highlight and hair cut. I really love how it looks.
Nikki was super awesome. She recommended us lot of good products that is really work for hair care as well.
Nikki is very friendly and also everyone at the salon. I wanna say thank you. And I would highly recommend NY Hair Salon to everyone. Come to this salon, you will get the color and style that you want. You won’t regret. Thanks again NY HAIR COMPANY, You’re the best!!;)

B W.
Westside, Las Vegas, NV

Getting hair done on vacation can be a stressful experience with so-so results… but I totally lucked out! I decided they morning to message via yelp and http://nyhaircompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/60s-20-1.jpg got back to me that there was a cancellation. I quickly got ready and ubered there.

My Stylist was great! She was great about getting details about what I wanted and what would be most flattering. She gave me beautiful blonde highlights which is hard to get right on dark hair and without drying the heck out of it. She knew what she was doing and I highly recommend! Since coming home, I’ve received lots of compliments. Thank you NY HAIR COMPANY!

Thu P.
Honolulu, HI

Nikki really knows her craft! I had a couple discrepancies with my hair but that was my own personal fault. (Don’t use pravana vivids! It does NOT come out of your hair) I knew of the possible consequence of the once blue, but now green pravana color that I did in my own bangs, might not bleach out (and it didn’t) I was still satisfied with care and the detail she put towards my damaged and over processed hair.

Nikki is such a genuine soul. She’s a natural conversationalist. She isn’t afraid to tell you NO if the look you’re trying to achieve is impossible at that present moment, which I highly appreciate! Everyone can appreciate a stylist that isn’t out for your money. Although i still have this nasty green in my
Hair, I’m still one happy camper!!

Lisa L.
Anaheim, CA

This place was really wonderful. I walked in a tired mother of three that hadn’t cut or treated my hair for 2 years. I wasn’t doing anything with my hair and I was craving something different.

First of all. Scheduling an appointment was easy. My husband called in the morning and we were able to be seen within the next 2 hours.

Next I showed the picture of what I wanted to my stylist and she politely requested to change with another stylist because she didn’t want to “just get through my hair cut”. That alone was great because she had the integrity and humility to admit she didn’t think she could handle the cut on my thick, wavy, coarse hair. I was asking for an asymmetrical A-line bob with an undercut on the back.

Lastly, my stylist was wonderful. Recommended a conditioning gloss and rather than an asymmetrical bob, starting with a symmetrical one and see if I still want to shorten up my left side when all was said and done. She took her time to double checking the cut and making sure I was comfortable with the length and the style. My hair is amazing!!! The treatment left my hair feeling soft and shiny and the cut is Amazing and just what this tired mother of 3 was looking for!

Walked out of the salon feeling lighter and beautiful!

Jocelyn D.
Port Hueneme, CA