Does purple shampoo make your hair blonde?

Blonding is one of the most popular services in the salon. With the rise of “lived-in color” and block coloring from Tik Tok trends, going lighter is more popular than ever before.

With that comes questions on how to take care of your blonde locks. One of the most common questions stylists receive in the salon is undoubtedly “Does purple shampoo make my hair blonder?”

The quick answer is no, but also…. yes.

While purple shampoo will not make your hair lighter and brighter, it does have a use when it comes to maintaining the level of “yellow tones” in your hair. The purple hue in the shampoo counteracts yellow tones which  in turn neutralize and give it a natural blonde shade. Purple shampoo must be used correctly however for it to work.

How do you properly use purple shampoo?

First things first, your hair must be light enough for it to work. Your must have an undertone of primarily yellow. If your hair is any darker than this, for example has an undertone of orange, it will not work. You would be able to find a blue shampoo for this level of hair though if needed.

Second, you only want to use it about once a week. If you overuse purple shampoo your hair will dry out and begin to look dull. Purple shampoo helps neutralize yellow tones but is not in and of itself a toner.

DO use purple shampoo once your hair starts to look yellow.

DO keep purple shampoo in your hair for at least 5 minutes.

DO use a reputable brand, preferably sulfate free.

Hopefully this little article helped you in your questions about purple shampoo. If you have any other questions feel free to give us a call (702)432-3333 to set up a consultation to talk about your blonde.

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Until next time, keep those locks happy and healthy, and don’t forget your purple shampoo (;

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