Imagine your hair is a garden. If you want it to grow you must show it love, nurture it, and maintain it for it to flourish. Your hair should be watered, trimmed, given protein, and even sun. Leave-in conditioners, like our popular Milkshake Leave-in spray conditioner, hair masks, good shampoos and not shampooing everyday can help your hair stay moisturized & hydrated. Another thing to consider is that if you “over-water” your garden, you will actually dehydrate it from its natural proteins and oils that it needs. Going too long without maintenance to your “garden” and “removing weeds” aka split ends, will only harm more of your healthy hair that is blossoming.

As plants do, our hair also needs moisture. Shampooing too often can often over-stimulate your scalp causing it to produce more sebum, which can result in oily buildup and/or dryness. It’s best to shampoo 1-2 days a week or at most every other day. Shampoos that are sulfate free are best for your hair as they don’t strip your hair from its natural oils. We recommend products from the brand Earthly Botanicals as well as Milkshake; both are environmentally friendly and focus on using natural products that your hair will love. You also want to get regular hair trims to prevent split ends from rising and causing damage. Depending on how often you put heat to your hair and other factors that may also cause split ends; such as wearing it in a bun, dying it, over washing, etc. will also affect the timing of getting a trim. We recommend that you get a trim every 2 months if you are putting your hair through a lot, or every 3 to 4 months if you rarely do anything to your hair. Getting frequent cuts will keep your hair healthy and strong.

You wear your “garden” everyday so remember to give it the care and love that it needs. Love is in the hair!

If you’re in Las Vegas, NV the NY Hair Girls at NY Hair Company would love to help your hair flourish. Give us a call at (702)432-3333 for the best hair experience and let us shower your hair with love!