7 Dos and Don’ts after a perm

Congrats on your new perm! You knew curly hair was for you but now you finally have it. Now that you’ve got your brand new perm the question is : How do I take care of my perm?


Don’t wash your hair for 48-72 hours after a perm . During that time your perm is still technically forming and can be ruined or relax if you decide to wash it within that time frame.

Don‘t comb thru your hair during the first 48 hours. Leave it alone as much as possible.

Don‘t use any products in your hair especially leave ins and conditioners. You want to try to keep your hair on the same ph level until the waiting period is up.

Don‘t go swimming for the first 48 hours.

Do’s :

Do go to your local beauty supply and pick up a good curl cream and leave in conditioner for AFTER the 48 hr waiting period is up. Curls need lots of moisture to thrive and styling products to contain the frizz.

Do use a sulfate free shampoo and try to minimize over washing of your hair. Perms do relax over time but not taking proper care of your curls will cause it to relax even faster.

Do talk to your Local curly hair stylist about how to style and take care of your curls if you need extra help. Curly hair  a learning curve if you are unfamiliar with it.

Now that you have a couple extra tips on how to take care of your perm we hope that you enjoy it and live your best curl life. Remember, curls have more fun! Happy perming!

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