Curly Hair is IN! How to achieve Frizz free curls!

Over the last couple of years Curly hair has risen rapidly in popularity. With the rise of the curly hair community there have been questions on what products to use and how to take care of your curls. Well the NY Hair Girls are here to help you out.

As anybody with curly hair knows, curly hair can get frizzy, I mean really frizzy. The frizz can be caused by a lack of hydration or simple styling issues within your routine. We’re going to walk you through a general styling routine that works for most curl types.

First, you want to make sure that you are working on a clean palette no matter your hair type. You want to begin your curl routine with a hydrating shampoo. Here at NY Hair we like the Earthly Botanicals moisturizing shampoo because the first ingredient is aloe, which helps add and retain extra moisture in your hair throughout the day but still gets our scalp and hair strands clean. You want to make sure that your shampoo is sulfate-free to avoid stripping all of the natural oils from your hair all together. Curly hair doesn’t need to be washed every day but rather once every couple of days or even a week if you’re up to it. In the meantime, you can use a co-wash for in-between days.

Second, you want to use a moisturizing conditioner. We love the Matrix Biolage HydraSource Conditioner to really help pack in the moisture. We like to let this sit in our hair for at least 3 minutes and then rinse it out.

Third, and this is probably the most important step in a curl routine, use a good leave-in conditioner. Put a good amount of leave-in conditioner on wet hair and comb it thru with a WetBrush/Denman Brush .We recommend a light spray type leave in conditioner for those with more wavy-type curly hair and a heavier cream-based leave-in conditioner for tighter curls. We like the Olaplex#6 leave-in conditioner because not only does it moisturize but it does help strengthen your hair strands from the inside out as well.

Last but not least we like to use something with light hold such as a curl cream or a light gel to hold your curls in place and further prevent frizz. Rake some curl cream thru your hair, and scrunch upwards to encourage curl pattern. Make sure that all of your hair is in place when brushed through, if your hair looks frizzy wet it will also look frizzy dry. Once you are done styling do NOT touch your hair until it is completely dry because once again that will cause your curls to frizz. Optional : use a diffuser for faster dry time. Allow the air to heat up around your hair and dry to perfection.

That’s it. Curly hair routines don’t have to be complicated and we don’t want them to be. We hope these tips have helped you out and you can go out and love your frizz free curls

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