Boxed Dye Damages Hair

With so much free time on our hands we can catch ourselves getting a little bored and maybe looking in the mirror more than we usually would. Some of us might start thinking thoughts we shouldn’t like reaching for that box dye.

Well don’t do it…. JUST DON’T!!!

We know it’s tempting but the damage that you could do to your hair while being impatient is not worth it. So many things can go wrong from hot roots, banding, turning your blonde locks orange or even worse … Green !

“Well it’s a dark color so it’ll be fine.” Still no. Box dyes contain very high developers formulated to work on a variety of hair types (news flash everyone’s hair is different and has different needs)  and slapping that box dye all over your hair when unnecessary has a high potential of damage. Color being placed over already colored hair (that contain high developers) will raise your hair’s porosity and make your color even harder to stay in. Hair needs to stay healthy and in good shape to really lock color in and have the maximum amount of shine and luster.

We know you can do it ! Stay strong and whatever you do stay away from that box dye.

We’ll see you soon 😘

-NY Hair Girls

If you are having hair color problems please call the NY HAIR GIRLS hair help hotline at


” Be Sexy”