Holiday Hair Tips with NY Hair Company

Holiday Hair tips 

Need your hair done for an event this holiday season? Here are some tips to keep mind as you get your hair done! 

  • Choose a Style Wisely Opt for a hairstyle that suits the occasion and is manageable for the entire day. Think about the clothes you’re wearing. Would it look better up, down, maybe a half up half down ? There are so many options  when choosing a hairstyle! Here at NY Hair Company we can help out with any of your hair needs! 
  • Use Quality Products, Products are key when it comes to a good style. Always invest in a good hairspray! Having a good hairspray can make or break the hairstyle you have. A good one we like to recommend here at NY Hair Company is the Earthly Botanicals Whisper Hairspray, always leaving your hair in place but just movable enough to fix it if needed! Invest in good styling products like hairspray, mousse, or styling gel to help your hair hold its shape.
  • Touch-Up Kit: Pack a small kit with essentials like bobby pins, a mini hairspray, and a comb for quick touch-ups. Always having extra never hurts! 
  • Here at NY Hair Company our biggest goal this holiday season is to help you be prepared for anything coming your way! Come on in and get your Milkshake, Earthly Botanicals or even Matrix to be well prepared!