Will a perm damage my hair?

You want those beautiful luscious curls but you don’t want to have to curl it everyday. You think to yourself, “What if I just get a perm?”
So you google it, Will a perm damage my hair?
Well, just like any chemical service there is a risk of damage to the hair. I like to compare perming to “bleaching” your hair. Will lightening your hair damage it, yes to a degree, but with proper handling during the process and proper aftercare overall your hair will be just fine.
I always recommend going to a professional stylist if you want to minimize the negative effects of a perm. Your stylist will be able to assess your hair and determine if you need an acid perm or a more alkaline perm.
Acidic perms are less damaging to the hair since on the ph scale your hair, skin and nails are more on the acidic side. They are usually a bit more gentle and can be used for finer hair, damaged hair or already permed hair.
The more alkaline perms are usually a bit stronger and more aggressive and will be used for coarser hair types.
There are a couple conditions you want to consider before just jumping in and getting a perm however.
1.) How is the condition of your hair? Is it dry, is it brittle, is it lacking elasticity? If you answered yes to any of these questions a perm might not be for you at this time.
You want your hair to be in perfectly strong condition ideally before a perm since the bonds in your hair will have to be broken down before being rebuilt again.
2.) Is your hair lightened/”bleached”?
Then again, a perm might not be the right choice for you. It is usually not recommended to get a perm while having lightened hair.
Can you still perm your hair though if it’s bleached? The answer is, it depends. You would want to have a full consultation with your stylist first to determine if your hair is in good enough condition and can handle another chemical process. In general though, perm and bleach is a big no no.
If you decide that a perm is right for you though here are some things that I would recommend to make sure your hair stays in the best possible condition.
1. A week before the service (if your hair is colored) do an Olaplex, or other rebounding treatment, to get the bonds in your hair stronger before they have to be broken for the service.
After your perm wait another week and do another treatment to make sure all those bonds are built and in place to have the strongest possible hair. Trust me.
2. Once your hair is permed make sure to use gentle sulfate free shampoos. Shampoos containing sulfate can strip your hair of its moisture which is essential for healthy curly hair.
Always make sure to use some form of leave-in conditioner in the miss to ends of your hair again to retain moisture. The keys to healthy hair are strength and moisture.
3. Get a trim. If your ends are looking rough after a perming service trim them off. Split ends are the death of any beautiful hair as they can travel up the shaft and cause further havoc. P.s. a layered haircut will actually usually accentuate the beauty of a perm anyways so its a bonus.
4. Only get a perm every 3-4 months to allow your hair to rest and balance back out before trying again.
Long story short, a perm can cause minor damage to your hair but with a knowledgeable stylist, a proper before and aftercare plan, and making sure your hair is in the right condition your hair will be just fine.
If you are somebody you know is looking for a stylist in Las Vegas, Nevada then give the NY Hair Girls a call (702)432-3333. All of our stylists are properly trained in perms and will be able to make sure your hair turns out just the way you’d like.
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