What are locs?

Locs also known as dreadlocks, or dreads are a style in which hair is sectioned into small or large segments and twisted then left to grow without combing out. Over time the hair locks onto itself. Taking care of and or growing your loc’s can be a beautiful journey! Let’s Start Now!

How Long Should You Wait for A Retwist?

The pending times will mainly depend on the status of your lock.

If you are new to locs/dreadslocs, you might need to come to a hair salon or seek help from locticians two or three weeks after the installation date.

For people with mature and thick locs, you might need to reform every six weeks. The reasons why we need to wait that much time are simple as such:

  • When your dreads are in the starter phase (usually last for three to six months), they are pretty fragile and easy to unravel. During that time, you might need to retwist your locs frequently every two to three weeks, until your locs are formed.
  • Six weeks is a good break from the previous twists for not creating too much tension to your locs.
  • Also, that is an acceptable time to let your hair produce the natural oils and have the right texture for twisting, which helps reduce the amount of hair care products you need to put on your hair.
  • When your dreadlocks are already strong and not easy to detangle, you need to retwist much less than the baby phase frequency.