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Proper Winter Hair Care


How to take care of your hair in the winter.

The cold weather can create as havoc on your hair, keep your locks silky and lustrous with the following tips:

  1. Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner to get healthy shine. However, avoid using too much of shampoo as it is a fact that due to winter winds, your hair and scalp care left dry. Wash your hair not more than twice a week and use lukewarm water to avoid frizziness and to maximize moisture. A hair conditioner is a must, girls!! Apply a suitable conditioner each time you wash your hair, focusing only on the strands of hair, that means avoid the scalp!! This provides a shine to your hair and prevents it from breakage.
  2. Add a hair treatment mask once a week to your hair care routine to keep your locks healthy! I know that it’s time consuming, but believe me it’s well worth it and you’ll have beautiful healthy hair to show for your trouble.
  3. Avoid using a hairdryer, REALLY!! It is always good to let your hair dry naturally. If you are using a hairdryer, don’t over dry your hair as it will leave it frizzy and damaged. Set your hairdryer on “cool” as it is gentler, although it might be a little more time consuming. Invest the extra time girls!! It will be well worth it.
  4. Try not to leave your house with wet hair. The cold weather can freeze the hair at the cuticle and cause it to break. Besides, you’ll freeze, lol
  5. If you use heat styling tools, use good quality ones; make the investment . Also, a must, heat defense spray or leave-in conditioner to protect your hair and keep it looking glossy and hydrated. This is especially important during the winter months!
  6. Use natural oil. In extreme weather, be it winter or summer, it is essential to put moisture back in your hair to prevent it from breaking. Some natural oils that work really well are: coconut oil, avocado oil and almond oil. Please if you never have tried them do so now!!
  7. Trim your hair! This avoids split ends. Try to do this every 6-8 weeks. Your hair will also grow faster if you do so.
  8. Stay warm. Keep your head covered to protect your hair from the cold. This will keep the moisture in your hair and keep it from breaking. Want to avoid frizzy, static-prone hair? Keep your hair tied up as much as possible. Do this when you’re out and about, and also when exercising.

I know this sounds like a lot of work, but you want to keep your locks beautiful right?! Have an awesome winter and remember keep your head warm!! THAT’S ALL SHE WROTE GIRLS, UNTIL NEXT WEEK!

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Protecting your hair this Summer

Summer time in Vegas means swimming and enjoying the sunny skies to most, but for some it’s all about fighting with your hair to keep it in it’s best possible condition. The sun, heat, water (including pool chemicals) and more can damage your hair. There are ways to keep this from happening by using proper products at home and doing proper treatments at the salon. These are NY Hair Co’s favorites that we carry!

Biotin Pills: Biotin is a vitamin you can take orally to improve your hair and nail growth. It strengthens and thickens the hair and nails making it stronger.

(Available for Retail)


Milk Shake Incredible Milk Leave in Conditioner: This leave in conditioner offers 12 benefits to you hair: Repairs all hair types, Frizz Control, Prevents Split Ends, Heat Protection, Long Lasting Hair Styles, Detangles, Natural Shine, Adds Body and Volume, Easier Ironing, Protects Color, Protects from UV Rays, Smoothes the Cuticle. It can go on wet or dry hair after showering (or even swimming!) Instead of using spray sunscrean to protect your hair, causing it to become greasy and smelly, you can use an actual hair product to protect your hair any time you go outside!

(Available for Retail)

MS Integrity Leave In

Matrix Biolage Dry Shampoo: Washing your hair every day not only dries your hair out but it also strips any artificial color, causing fading. Avoid washing more than twice a week for longer lasting color and healthier hair. To cut the greasy, dirty look you can use dry shampoo inbetween actual shampoos. This product absorbs oils and any odors that the oils may cause. It’s easy to use as well! Spray on the roots of your dry hair (focus on spots that are oily) and work in the product with your fingertips for best results. Viola! Simple and effective! Added bonus?? It creates lift and body to your roots giving your hairstyle the extra bump it may need!

(Available for Retail)

Biolage Dry Shampoo

Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Shampoo and Conditioning Balm: This is the Best Seller at NY Hair Co, and for good reason! This Shampoo and Conditioner Duo Set are BOTH Paraben free and extremely hydrating without making the hair feel greasy. They are both safe for color treated hair so you can get the moisture without the fading! The conditioning balm is a great conditioner and detangler. These products are formulated with Aloe, Cupuacu Butter, and Apricot Kernel Oils to moisturize your hair for long term results instead of using Parabans to coat your hair making it appear healthier temporarily.

(Available for Retail)

Biolage Hydrasource

Matrix Total Results Alternate Action Clarifying Shampoo: This clarifying shampoo is our favorite for one big reason; it removes product buildup WITHOUT stripping the hair of it’s natural oils. This product is perfect for swimmers, as it has a chelating agent that helps remove chlorine and other mineral deposits from the hair (added bonus for blondes, no more swimmer green hair!). Shampoo with this product for 1-2 minutes before rinsing to remove any buildup and follow with your favorite conditioner for best results!

(Available for Retail)

Matrix Alternate Action

Milk Shake Integrity Intensive Treatment: This intense mask with have your hair hydrated and bouncy in no time! Using Muru Muru Butter and Coconut Oil, this mask is safe for all hair types and significantly reduces frizz, leaves hair conditioned, detangles, and the end results are soft, radiant, and healthy hair. After shampooing, work the Intensive Treatment into your hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing for best results.

(Available for Retail)

MS Integrity Mask

Matrix Color Gloss Treatment: The Matrix Color Gloss Treatment is a zero lift, ammonia free hair treatment that adds ceramides/proteins and natural shine back the your hair while sealing the cuticle. This treatment also comes in a few color refreshers (black, browns, reds, coppers, and special toners for blondes) to add to your treatment to add pigment to your hair while improving the overall health. Normally this service at NY Hair Co starts at $45, but when done with any other service the price drops to $35. Results last from 1-3 months depending on proper home care and product use.

(Available as a Service Only)

Color Gloss

Olaplex Treatment: Olaplex is the only product scientifically proven AND holds multiple patents proving it physically rebonds your hair internally. Think of this service like this: you shatter your wrist. You can either get surgery and have your wrist heal completely with no loss of mobility and will fully heal OR you can just get a cast, and MAYBE your wrist will have partial mobility. Wouldn’t you want the surgery?? Olaplex is basically surgery for your hair! This product is silicone free (unlike its impersinators like B3, Uberliss, etc which all contail oils and different forms of silicone) so it doesn’t coat the hair for a temporary fix. It fixes the bonds (even when added to color services!) for long term effects, can be done as often as you’d like (you can’t over-do Olaplex!!), and all it does is benefit your hair. Want to transform your haircolor? Olaplex helps us push your hair past the norm, getting you desired results with little to no damage! Each treatment costs $45, so why not fix your hair for a fraction of the price of other treatments that claim they do the same, but really don’t?

(Availabe as a Service Only, Take Home #3 Conditioner is available)



LICE!!! What you can do to help prevent it.

Summer is the season of LICE! First thing first is dispelling a few myths about them. Lice can not jump, hop, fly, or anything of the sort! They are just VERY fast crawlers and can only spread from direct head to head contact from someone carrying them. This is why young children tend to contract lice during school or summer camps. Being seated close to one another or playing on breaks makes it very easy for lice to travel. Another common way of spreading lice is sharing items like hats, hair brushes, hair accessories, etc. ONLY the louse can travel, nits (babies) and eggs can not. Just because someone gets lice does NOT mean they are dirty by any means. They can easily be removed if the proper products and care are used! (If you need any assistance on lice removal, ask any pharmacist at the drug store. Salons ARE NOT allowed to work with anyone having lice for legal reasons).

Some ways to prevent head lice:

If you have long hair, pull it back (buns are best, but ponytails or braids will do) if you are going to be around large groups of people and in close proximity of them if you are concerned about lice. Using some hairspray to keep your hairs under control and contained helps as well.

My personal favorite is using Tea Tree Oil! Adding a few drops to any professional shampoo will help keep the lice away as well as keeping your hair hydrated, as Tea Tree Oil can be very drying. Another way you can use the Tea Tree Oil is putting drops in water in a spray bottle (or leave in conditioner) and spraying after your shower (or before and after school/activities for kids).


Once a Week, Take a Peek

Regular checking for head lice can identify a new case early.   If a case is caught early enough, the life cycle of the louse can be interrupted.  No further eggs will be laid and a case can be eradicated in just a few days.  The best way to screen for head lice is to lather the hair with conditioner and thoroughly comb the hair out with a head lice removal comb (Louse Trap, Nit Free Terminator, and Licemeister are recommended brands), wiping the comb on a white paper towel after a few passes.   Inspect the paper towel looking for brownish-coloured eggs or actual bugs.

If checking for head lice visually, be sure to use direct sunlight or a very good table lamp.  Carefully inspect the hair paying particular attention to the area when the hair shaft meets the scalp.  Look around the ear, nape of the neck and especially the crown of the head, as these are common areas for lice to be found.

When checking for head lice, look for lice eggs attached securely to the hair close to the scalp.  Viable eggs will be brownish in colour and cannot be flicked off the hair.  They have to be removed between the fingernails, with tweezers, or with a good nit comb.   Though head lice move very quickly, you may see an actual bug.  Lice are the size of sesame seeds and are brownish-grey to caramel in colour.  They are see-through and can appear to take on the colour of the hair. “


For more Lice Advice feel free to visit this link:



You know that feeling…. leaving the salon with perfectly styled hair. You can’t stop running your fingers through it, can’t stop looking at yourself when you pass by a mirror. It’s a great feeling to have perfect hair! Then tragedy strikes! You wash your hair at home and can’t get it styled the same. “It’s the stylist! I just can’t style my own hair like she can!” is what most people think. You look at your can of hair spray and question why you can’t get that perfect style at home. Is it the hair cut? Is it the texture of your hair? Is it just too hard to do it yourself? Good news!! No it’s not! It’s what you use at home!

As stylists, we use a variety of products in your hair. Each product is picked specifically for your hair type and for how we are styling your hair. On average, we use at least five different professional products in your hair each time you come in for a cut, color, or just a wash and style. These are the basic five items:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Leave in Conditioner
  4. Blow Dry Spray
  5. Thermal Protector

Using professional products is a must when it comes to your hair. Have you ever felt your hair after using drug store shampoos and conditioners (even the “professional” brands from WalMart are usually watered down of the original products or expired after sitting for too long in a hot warehouse!!!) and it felt either extremely waxy or like straw? That’s from silicone. It says it’s silicone free?? Usually that’s a lie! If one of these are the top 5 ingredients in your shampoo or conditioner, it means there is a good amount of silicone in your hair. They hide it with new names!!

  1. Amino bispropyl dimethicone
  2. Amodimethicone
  3. Behenoxy dimethicone
  4. Cyclomethicone-Mimethicone
  5. Cyclopentasilaxane
  6. Dimethicone
  7. Dimethiconal
  8. Phenyl Dimethicone
  9. Phenyl Trimethicone
  10. Phenylpropyl Dimethicone

Too much silicone weighs down the hair, and for certain hair types this makes it harder to style!!

Now onto leave in conditioners. This product protects your hair through out the day. Most have U.V. protectants in it (yes, your scalp and hair can get “sunburned”!!). Not only will this product keep your hair moisturized and soft, but it protects your hair! Tangle easily? Use some leave in conditioner and you’ll be brushing right through your hair!

Blow Dry sprays are a must when using a blow dryer just like Thermal Protectants are a must when using a heated styling tool. Think about this: You’re baking cookies or cooking a roast in the oven at 400+ degrees. The timer goes off and it’s time to take it out. What do you do? You put on an oven mitt so you dont burn your hand! Now, if you wouldn’t put something 400+ degrees on your skin, why would you be okay with doing that to your hair? Not only does it dry out the hair, but it also can severely damage it! Too much heat with no protectants can weaken (sometimes completely break) the hair strand, causing split ends that can work their way up your hair! Why would you pass up paying around $20 for a thermal protector or blow dry spray when any split end repairing treatment it $200+?? That’s at least $180 in savings! Not only do these protect your hair, but they aid in the styling process! Healthier hair holds styles longer! These will give your hair the smooth and polished look when finished.

There are so many different brands, different strengths, and different ingredients in products. Trust your hair care professional! Us girls at NY Hair will ONLY recommend what you truly NEED! We are not salesmen, we are educators! You wear your hair every day, why not invest money into the maintenance so you have beautiful hair every day?