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Power foods for your hair

Having healthy hair starts with you. If you don’t have the right vitamin and nutrient intake from your foods, you may experience hair loss or thinner, weaker hair. After doing some research we found some of the best foods for your hair (Thank you, Luxy Hair for the info!!)


A perfect side for any dinner is a salad. Just adding the darker, richer veggies (i.e. Spinach, Arugula, and Kale) you can boost your iron, vitamin c, carotene, and folate intake! This will help your hair stay naturally moisturized, keeping it from becoming brittle.


Another great lunch or dinner addition is sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are perfect for someone with a sweet tooth! They contain beta carotene that our bodies convert into vitamin A, helping with hair growth itself.


Replacing your peanut butter with hazelnut butter has great added benefits! Hazelnut butter contains biotin (also known as B7) that promotes not only hair growth, but breaks down fats and amino acids! That’s a hair AND body benefit!


Need a power snack? Adding sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds to your trail mix will increase your iron intake (lack of iron causes hair loss!!), zinc, vitamin A, vitamin K, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E (enhances blood flow/circulation which means a healthy scalp!). These delicious seeds can also be added to your power food salad at dinner time!


Last, but not least, is my personal favorite… Avocados!! (Guacamole, anyone??) This power food is jam packed with vitamins A, D, E, omega-9 fatty acids, and it full of the healthy fats (yes, fats CAN be healthy) that control blood sugar. Another double bonus for the hair and body! Avocados can be mixed, mashed, eaten raw, and any other way you can think of! Avocado oil extracts can also be added directly to the scalp and hair for added hair growth benefits!


Improve your hair (and body!) health with the help of these delicious snacks today!

Biotin and its benefits…

Biotin (also known as Biotine, Vitamin H, and is part of the B Vitamins) has multiple health benefits as well as “beauty benefits”. Biotin can break down certain substances in the body like carbs and fat, as it is a component of important enzymes your body (should) naturally collect through a healthy diet. Biotin deficiencies are not very common and are nearly impossible to diagnose, but there are multiple symptoms that can reveal themselves to let you know if your food diet is lacking this vitamin. Some symptoms include dry eyes, cracking on the sides of the mouth, hair loss, scaly skin, weak/brittle nails, exhaustion, hallucinations, and depression. Most people who have this deficiency are (but not limited to) Pregnant women, chronic smokers, alcoholics, those with Crohn’s disease and/or liver disease, prone to rapid weight loss, diabetics, and those with diets mainly consisting of processed foods.

Luckily, Biotin comes is capsule form! Taking the right dosage of biotin can be very beneficial. Biotin can strengthen your hair and nails by strengthening the cuticle. It can improve your skin of a variety of “problems” (acne, rashes, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc). Biotin supports your metabolism by breaking down foods and is found in many healthy foods (cooked eggs, egg yolks, soy, walnuts, whole grains, beans, etc). Need lower cholesterol? Biotin can help with that! It also helps regulate your blood sugar by lowering glucose levels when paired with chromium.

If you’re not getting enough biotin from your foods, biotin taken in capsule form can be purchased over the counter at any drug store and we carry it here at NY Hair Company!