The Safe in My Chair Movement

2016 has brought out “the ugly” in a lot of people, between the crazy Presidential Election, the Transgender rights to which ever bathroom they feel comfortable in, ISIS attacks, the loss of favorite celebrities, and more. But, 2016 has also birthed a beautiful movement that is spreading fairly fast:


The Safe in My Chair movement was created by a wonderful woman named Mia, a fellow hair stylist in this crazy and exciting industry. Safe in My Chair was created as an easy to use look up system for different salons across the world that are deemed Transgender safe. This means no judgment, the freedom to be who you really are, and knowing you are accepted for who you are and you are most importantly SAFE (to find a salon near you, if you are not in the Las Vegas area to see us at NY Hair Company, please visit The reason behind the passion?? Mia is Transgender herself, and with over twenty years of salon experience, who better to reach out to the public and offer this beautiful service? With her hard work and dedication, she has begun her journey to train any stylist willing to take on this movement with her, standing tall and proud of this industry and what we can do for others.

This movement isn’t just about the Transgender community now, as it has grown to the LGBTQ community. Anyone that needs some beauty time to be who they are with no judgment is now befitting from this movement. Every person in this crazy world of ours deserves to be beautiful and safe, not to be judged by people who don’t understand why someone would choose to be who they are because they “don’t get it.” There is too much judgment passed on those who are considered “different”, when in all reality we are all humans with feelings and emotions.

You deserve to feel beautiful in the way you want to.

You deserve to be seen and heard as the person you are, not just based off what your birth certificate says.

You will always be Safe in My Chair

To donate to the cause, please visit:

All donations go to website hosting fees, promotional materials, handouts and take home materials for classes, printing fees for Safe in My Chair decals, and to keep a free to use database.