You know that feeling…. leaving the salon with perfectly styled hair. You can’t stop running your fingers through it, can’t stop looking at yourself when you pass by a mirror. It’s a great feeling to have perfect hair! Then tragedy strikes! You wash your hair at home and can’t get it styled the same. “It’s the stylist! I just can’t style my own hair like she can!” is what most people think. You look at your can of hair spray and question why you can’t get that perfect style at home. Is it the hair cut? Is it the texture of your hair? Is it just too hard to do it yourself? Good news!! No it’s not! It’s what you use at home!

As stylists, we use a variety of products in your hair. Each product is picked specifically for your hair type and for how we are styling your hair. On average, we use at least five different professional products in your hair each time you come in for a cut, color, or just a wash and style. These are the basic five items:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Leave in Conditioner
  4. Blow Dry Spray
  5. Thermal Protector

Using professional products is a must when it comes to your hair. Have you ever felt your hair after using drug store shampoos and conditioners (even the “professional” brands from WalMart are usually watered down of the original products or expired after sitting for too long in a hot warehouse!!!) and it felt either extremely waxy or like straw? That’s from silicone. It says it’s silicone free?? Usually that’s a lie! If one of these are the top 5 ingredients in your shampoo or conditioner, it means there is a good amount of silicone in your hair. They hide it with new names!!

  1. Amino bispropyl dimethicone
  2. Amodimethicone
  3. Behenoxy dimethicone
  4. Cyclomethicone-Mimethicone
  5. Cyclopentasilaxane
  6. Dimethicone
  7. Dimethiconal
  8. Phenyl Dimethicone
  9. Phenyl Trimethicone
  10. Phenylpropyl Dimethicone

Too much silicone weighs down the hair, and for certain hair types this makes it harder to style!!

Now onto leave in conditioners. This product protects your hair through out the day. Most have U.V. protectants in it (yes, your scalp and hair can get “sunburned”!!). Not only will this product keep your hair moisturized and soft, but it protects your hair! Tangle easily? Use some leave in conditioner and you’ll be brushing right through your hair!

Blow Dry sprays are a must when using a blow dryer just like Thermal Protectants are a must when using a heated styling tool. Think about this: You’re baking cookies or cooking a roast in the oven at 400+ degrees. The timer goes off and it’s time to take it out. What do you do? You put on an oven mitt so you dont burn your hand! Now, if you wouldn’t put something 400+ degrees on your skin, why would you be okay with doing that to your hair? Not only does it dry out the hair, but it also can severely damage it! Too much heat with no protectants can weaken (sometimes completely break) the hair strand, causing split ends that can work their way up your hair! Why would you pass up paying around $20 for a thermal protector or blow dry spray when any split end repairing treatment it $200+?? That’s at least $180 in savings! Not only do these protect your hair, but they aid in the styling process! Healthier hair holds styles longer! These will give your hair the smooth and polished look when finished.

There are so many different brands, different strengths, and different ingredients in products. Trust your hair care professional! Us girls at NY Hair will ONLY recommend what you truly NEED! We are not salesmen, we are educators! You wear your hair every day, why not invest money into the maintenance so you have beautiful hair every day?