Please… Don’t Do it Yourself!

“If you want it done right, do it yourself.’  At NY Hair Company, we understand the need to do it right. For some clients, the idea that doing it yourself will be easy and cheaper than the professionals often results in a trip to the salon; costing triple what you would have spent in the first place. Unfortunately, the trend of Do it Yourself’ers is leading to more and more stylists needing to correct the cut, color or damage created from that DIY project clients have taken on. Lets be honest, somethings are better left to the professionals.

NY Hair Company is always accepting new clients! If you are in the Las Vegas area, give us a call to book that new look you are wishing you had. Before you take the scissors to your own head or mix the color solution that may create irreversable damage, give NY Hair Company a try… You won’t be disappointed!

DIY chemical damage turned Salon Correction – NY Hair Company

DIY chemical damage turned Salon Correction/Extensions – NY Hair Company