New Method of Hair Extensions

Have you ever wondered about hair extensions and if they could be an option for you? Then you

do your research and find there are so many different types, techniques and you dont know what is

best for your type of hair.
Well have no fear!! AmberRae, one of NY Hair Company’s hair extension specialist is here to tell you

what one of her newest favorite type of hair extension and techniques are.

Amber says “In my opinion, my favorite are the individual strands. They are great because they maneuver

with your natural hair and when done correctly, they are easy to blend giving your hair that natural look. Trust

me, you never want someone to tell you “Oh, your extenstions look great!” No one should be able to

There are different techniques for the individuals strands to include: Keratin (glue); Micro-beads

with silicone; and my all time favorite and also the newest technique, are called “Shrinkies”

Never heard of them? Think “shrink wrap” Shrinkies are similar to shrink wrap. They are a flexible

plastic like tube that connects the individual strand to your natural hair. By adding heat to the shrinkie it

formulates to shrink into the form of the strand and hardens securing the strand to your natural hair.

Different from the Keratin (glue) that pull and snag your hair also causing the strands to stick

together in some cases if not treated correctly can create tangles and knots. The Micro-beads can get

caught in your hair if not removed properly the metal from the bead can clamp and also get caught and

stuck in the hair, causing it to pull out your hair. Therefore in my opinion,  the Shrinkies are the healthiest for the hair when maintained properly.  They cause the least hair loss as they don’t twist, tangle in the hair and are the easiest to remove with minimal hair loss!

With the extension emoval solution we loosen the shrinkie, it expands and the extension slides right

out. Making for a smooth removal.

Here is a before and after picture of a full head of individuals installed using the “shrinkies” technique performed by AmberRae.

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