Moisture or Protein!?


Knowing what your hair needs is a huge deal when it comes to home care. As stylists, we can only guarantee our services when our clients are using the proper products at home, especially after coloring and chemical services. Every pass of a heated iron or blow dryer, every color and lightener, even the sunshine on a beautiful day will compromise your hair! When it comes to taking care of your hair do you know when you need just a moisturizer or just a protein? Most people don’t! If you’re using a moisturizer when you need a protein treatment you wont see the changes in your hair that you need! Same as having too many protein treatments in your hair when you really need a moisturizer. Too much protein is just as bad as not enough! So, how do you know what you need? Here is a basic break down of which is which:

● Softens the hair
● Provides nutrients to the hair, even on a much deeper level
● Waters the hair, much like a plant, keeping it hydrated
● Makes hair much easier to manipulate, shape, and form
● Allows for new/virgin hair to be nourished to health

● Strengthens the hair
● Brings protein and amino acids to the hair, after it has been stripped of it
● Rebuilds the hair follicle, as the natural hair follicle is naturally 70% keratin protein
● Decreases hair breakage and shedding
● Repairs damaged hair


If you still have doubts… TRUST YOUR STYLIST!! We all went through years of training and education to get to where we are. We will tell you and show you exactly what you need for your hair! NY Hair Company has moisture AND protein treatments available and we can customize each treatment to suit your hair! If you love your hair color but hate how it fades, or love your cut until it becomes frizzy after one shampoo it’s time to take control of your hair again. Don’t let it have a mind of its own, and treat your hair to what it really needs.