LICE!!! What you can do to help prevent it.

Summer is the season of LICE! First thing first is dispelling a few myths about them. Lice can not jump, hop, fly, or anything of the sort! They are just VERY fast crawlers and can only spread from direct head to head contact from someone carrying them. This is why young children tend to contract lice during school or summer camps. Being seated close to one another or playing on breaks makes it very easy for lice to travel. Another common way of spreading lice is sharing items like hats, hair brushes, hair accessories, etc. ONLY the louse can travel, nits (babies) and eggs can not. Just because someone gets lice does NOT mean they are dirty by any means. They can easily be removed if the proper products and care are used! (If you need any assistance on lice removal, ask any pharmacist at the drug store. Salons ARE NOT allowed to work with anyone having lice for legal reasons).

Some ways to prevent head lice:

If you have long hair, pull it back (buns are best, but ponytails or braids will do) if you are going to be around large groups of people and in close proximity of them if you are concerned about lice. Using some hairspray to keep your hairs under control and contained helps as well.

My personal favorite is using Tea Tree Oil! Adding a few drops to any professional shampoo will help keep the lice away as well as keeping your hair hydrated, as Tea Tree Oil can be very drying. Another way you can use the Tea Tree Oil is putting drops in water in a spray bottle (or leave in conditioner) and spraying after your shower (or before and after school/activities for kids).


Once a Week, Take a Peek

Regular checking for head lice can identify a new case early.   If a case is caught early enough, the life cycle of the louse can be interrupted.  No further eggs will be laid and a case can be eradicated in just a few days.  The best way to screen for head lice is to lather the hair with conditioner and thoroughly comb the hair out with a head lice removal comb (Louse Trap, Nit Free Terminator, and Licemeister are recommended brands), wiping the comb on a white paper towel after a few passes.   Inspect the paper towel looking for brownish-coloured eggs or actual bugs.

If checking for head lice visually, be sure to use direct sunlight or a very good table lamp.  Carefully inspect the hair paying particular attention to the area when the hair shaft meets the scalp.  Look around the ear, nape of the neck and especially the crown of the head, as these are common areas for lice to be found.

When checking for head lice, look for lice eggs attached securely to the hair close to the scalp.  Viable eggs will be brownish in colour and cannot be flicked off the hair.  They have to be removed between the fingernails, with tweezers, or with a good nit comb.   Though head lice move very quickly, you may see an actual bug.  Lice are the size of sesame seeds and are brownish-grey to caramel in colour.  They are see-through and can appear to take on the colour of the hair. “


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