Hair Donating

Some of you may have cancer, know someone with cancer, or want to donate your hair for cancer patients. Did you know Locks of Love (one of the most popular children’s cancer donation organizations) charges families for wigs for their children, some over a couple thousand dollars? They are known for giving the impression that your hair donations are going into free or affordable wigs for children.
Good news! There are cancer organizations that actually supply free or dramatically cheap wigs for kids and adults out there!
1. Wigs for Kids.
2. Children with Hair loss
3. American Cancer Society
4. Cancercare
5. Ruth’s Free Wig Closet (for people who need wigs from any illness, not just cancer)

If you are interested in donating, we do have forms available at the shop to send with your hair! You can choose to remain annonymous or put your name so the person who gets your wig can know who helped them feel beautiful!