Dry Shampoo!

What’s the best way to keep your hair fresh without stripping the color? Dry shampoo!

We found a wonderful blog here with the top benefits!


“Despite its name, this wonder product isn’t actually shampoo (there’s no sudsing involved), but rather a spray or powder that cleanses hair via oil absorbers like starch and volumizes via ingredients like silica. What started out as a shower substitute in hospitals has quickly become beauty insiders’ secret weapon for an instant refresh. And here are some reasons this beauty product rules.

1. It replaces a wash.
No time to shampoo? The dry stuff soaks up grease and leaves a fresh scent, so hair looks and smells just-washed.

2. It makes your style last longer.
These products preserve a blowout, which saves you time and money: Our Beauty Lab asked nearly 700 consumer testers to try 36 formulas and 65% of testers said their hair still looked good after two to three days of use.

3. It volumizes limp strands (even bangs!).
Clays and silicas “fluff” flat hair, creating instant fullness. Kiss winter hat hair goodbye.

4. It slows color fade.
Since water and shampoo leach dye from hair, washing less means you can go longer between touch-ups. Cash saved!

5. It minimizes damage.
If you’re shampooing less often, you’re also using hot tools less often. The result: healthier hair.

6. You can use it whenever.
Dry shampoo can be applied any time your hair needs a boost, but we like using it before bed: Hair will absorb it as you sleep and look refreshed in the morning.

Never tried dry shampoo before? Never fear. These easy tips will show you how:

Lift and brush.
In sections, lift dry strands of hair at the roots and apply dry shampoo sparingly near scalp. Brush through to hair’s ends to distribute and blend. To add volume, lightly massage in product at roots.

Hone your technique.
Using a spray? Hold bottle two to three inches away from scalp when misting to prevent clumping. A powder? Sprinkle it on near scalp and rub it in with fingers to break up the formula.”