Pregnancy Hair

Ever wonder what causes a woman’s hair to change when pregnant? What to Expect has the breakdown!!


“Between constipation,heartburn and your swollen, achy feet, you might feel like your pregnancy hormones are teaming up to make you miserable during pregnancy. Happily, there are a few good side effects when you’re expecting: Have you checked out your nails lately? By week 20 of pregnancy, they’re likely growing quicker than usual — and faster than you can manicure them, though you might notice they feel slightly more soft, dry or brittle. What about your hair? Does it feel thicker and look more shiny and healthy than usual? It’s probably growing faster, too — probably before you can even book an appointment with your stylist (kind of makes you want to audition for a hair commercial, doesn’t it!). It may also change in texture (straight hair might become curly, and vice-versa).

The downside of this hormonally-triggered hairy situation is that you may suddenly sprout strands in places you’d rather not, including your face (whose five o’clock shadow is that?), back (hello, Bigfoot), nipples and stomach (bet you never plucked your belly before!). Don’t worry; most of the excess hair should fall out within six months of giving birth.


You can credit (or blame) those pregnancy hormones — particularly estrogen — again for the changes in your nail and hair growth during pregnancy, making your hair both grow faster and be less likely to fall out. The increased blood circulation and your pumped-up metabolism that are bringing more nutrients to your hair and nails also deserve some thanks.


Keep in mind that like all of the pregnancy symptoms you’re experiencing, the changes to your hair and nails are temporary. So your nails will likely return to their normal growth rate and texture within three to six months after delivery. And though you may love your lavish locks now, don’t get too attached: Your good-hair-day run ends with delivery, when the normal daily hair lossthat’s suppressed during pregnancy resumes with a vengeance.  Once your baby is born, all that hair that didn’t fall out during pregnancy will — making you wonder whether you’ll need to reach for the Rogaine (don’t worry, you won’t).”